Love and the Positive in Your Life

Remember that love is immutable and eternal. The love and positive in your life, even though in the past, remains yours and nothing can erase or diminish that, it remains yours forever. “It is the true harvest of your life” -Elisabeth Lukas. I love these lines from Psychotherapy and Existentialism by -Viktor Frankl: “Usually, to be sure, man only considers the stubby fields of transitoriness and overlooks the full granaries of the past, wherein he has salvaged once and for all his deeds, his joys and also his sufferings. Nothing can be undone, and nothing can be done away with; having been is still a form of being, even its most secure form.”


“I can’t just suddenly tell you
what I should be telling you,
friend, forgive me; you know
that although you don’t hear my words,
I wasn’t asleep or in tears,
that I am with you without seeing you
for a good long time and until the end.”
― Pablo Neruda

Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

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