Purpose of Life and Meaning in Enhancing Quality of Life

According to Paul Wong meaning in life:

“…meaning serves at least three important functions: (a) meaning as a contributor to well-being, (b) meaning as a protective and preventive factor, and (c) meaning as the basis for hope in hopeless situations. I also examine meaning as an outcome measure of well-being.”

Numerous studies have shown that meaning in life relates to many well being and mental health measures. There are also some studies that have shown that meaning can predict future well being. Meaning can also be a protective and preventative factor. Wong has given “…a detailed account on how these components contribute to resilience and well-being in adverse situations (Wong, 2010; Wong & Wong, in press).” Meaning can also contribute to effective coping and reduction of stress.

The important role of hope in maintaining one’s well-being and health has been well documented (Snyder, 2000). “Viktor Frankl (1985) developed the concept of tragic optimism which enabled him to survive the Nazi death camps.”

To read more visit the site  of Paul Wong


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  2. Snyder, C. R. (Ed.). (2000). Handbook of hope: Theory, measures, and applications. San Diego, CA: Academic Press.


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