Orientation Beyond Oneself | Survival for What? Something or Someone – Viktor Frankl

In this interview on ManAlive the interviewer asks Viktor Frankl the following:

“One would think that today it would be easier to find meaning in life.”

In the words of Viktor Frankl, he mentions two types of societies that we could be living in, that can be either affluent societies or welfare states, which are out to satisfy and/or create needs, but the will to meaning remains unfulfilled:

“…the unheard cry for meaning.”

If there is a meaning to fulfill, then a person will make sacrifices or undergo tensions in order to discover this meaning, without suffering harm. In reaching out to others, or reaching beyond yourself, or looking towards what you can still achieve, you can discover profound meaning. The orientation towards the future, to a task that is waiting to be fulfilled, or a loved person that one can meet again. There needs to be a why to survive. That WHY and discovering that why is critical.

Photo by Luke Ellis-Craven on Unsplash

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