The Call that Beckons us to Find Our Destiny

An excerpt from Day 15 of my online course: Calming the Storm.

According to James Hillman, one of the greatest mysteries of human nature is the question of character and destiny.  In his bestseller The Soul’s Code, he proposed that our calling in life is inborn and that it’s our mission in life to realise its imperatives. He called it the “acorn theory” — the idea that our lives are formed by a particular image, just as the oak’s destiny is contained in the tiny acorn. Hillman says: “It’s Plato’s myth that you come into the world with a destiny. The acorn theory says that there is an individual image that belongs to your soul…your heart holds the image of your destiny and calls you to it.”

Let me help you discover your inborn calling or life’s image, through meaningful living coaching.

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Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash

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