Purpose in Life Linked to Better Health and Higher Income

In a recent article in Forbes titled: The Financial Value of Having a Purpose in Your Life by Pavel Krapivin, he mentions a study (A Sense of Purpose Predicts Greater Income and Net Worth), which indicates that: Having a sense of purpose appears adaptive for health and well-being. AND Participants who reported a higher sense … Continue reading Purpose in Life Linked to Better Health and Higher Income


A Meaningful and Purpose Filled Life in 2019

According to Emily Esfahani Smith, people say their lives are meaningful if: They believe their lives matter They have a sense of purpose that drives them forward, AND They think their lives make sense. To discover meaning in life and to create a rich purposeful life in 2019, contact me using the form below:  

being mindful

Being Here Right Now

Now is right here. Mindfulness is a way of becoming more attentive to the present moment and to more fully participate in being alive. Be alive moment by moment and enrich your life. This is a great video by Saki Santorelli,  Florence Meleo-Meyer, and the staff at the Center for Mindfulness who have been helping … Continue reading Being Here Right Now